I play in the mountains - sometimes I write about it, sometimes I photograph it...other-times I'm too lazy to do either.

M ountains, can provide a fantastic canvas to live ones life. Often the experiences are moving enough to (think that they are) worth recording for others' digestion or, even better, to serve as inspiration to others to get out onto the canvas. These are full-length (I.E, often verbose) ramblings from some of my more meaningful adventures.

Crimean Safari

I have finally accepted the fact that I, occasionally, love to hate myself! Hate for the precarious situations to which I routinely take myself, and love for the intense pleasure...

07-06-2018 Hits:527 Trystan Firman

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No Fly Zone

I grabbed the ear of rock with a firm half-open left, tweaked the fingers to apply a type of crowbar pressure-test to the hold – a subconscious skill honed over...

07-06-2018 Hits:745 Trystan Firman

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Diamonds in the Snow

Out of the corner of my eye I catch sight of my belay device bouncing twice on the ice and then pin-balling out of sight down the Super Couloir. Julian...

28-01-2019 Hits:389 Trystan Firman

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Human Hero

There is an almost ubiquitous air of steely coolness coupled with a weird mix of awe and envy when you think about a pilot. Dressed in full air force flight suit...

06-06-2018 Hits:533 Trystan Firman

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Optimistic Bias

An account of the first hammerless ascent of the Wall of Silence (21, A4) In an article profiling Mt Hunter, in Alaska, Scott Backes starts off by proclaiming that "Hunter is...

07-06-2018 Hits:550 Trystan Firman

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A curious incident of mice and men - intro by Leonhard Rust A few years ago we were all up at Spout Cave. Routes were falling left, right and centre in...

07-06-2018 Hits:554 Trystan Firman

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A Long Line to Infamy

The sensation of flight: It's an odd feeling, made all the more so by virtue of the fact that I'm not falling but rather am flying, in a very controlled...

07-06-2018 Hits:511 Trystan Firman

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Favors of Chance

Crash...thud...crash.... Rock-fall! SHIT! Where are they, sounds above...SHIT!! Nowhere to go, can't jump either, pretty piss-poor attempt at armour this helmet is.....Crash, bounce......DOOOF! Fuck it where are they??? To the mountaineer, there are...

07-06-2018 Hits:436 Trystan Firman

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Sometimes the best way to get your hit is to light a flame and stoke the fire. freebase: A method of inhaling drugs by holding a flame under a metal spoon...

07-06-2018 Hits:547 Trystan Firman

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Intemperate Hedonism

Light fast and solo in the Natal Drakensberg "No sleep, no sleep until I'm done with finding the answerWon't stop, won't stop before I find the cure for this Cancer"- The...

07-06-2018 Hits:537 Trystan Firman

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