All time estimates and difficulty levels for hikes are approximate. They may change based on your level of physical fitness.

Easy: Suitable for every member of the family

Moderate: Suitable for all physically fit people

Moderate: Long length, substantial elevation gain, and/or difficult terrain. Suitable for experienced hikers only

Strenuous: Full day’s hike over a long and often difficult route. Suitable for only experienced hikers in excellent physical condition.

Table Mountain Hikes are often very misleading. This is because there is no way to avoid the fact that there is nearly a 1000m / 3000ft height gain. Most people who go regularly to the gym would consider themselves fit, however few are physically or mentally accustomed to climbing a 250 story building. Add the summer sun and suddenly an easy hike can become quite demanding.

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W ith more than 20 years of mountaineering experience - from Trekking in the Drakensberg to Alpine North Faces and Big Wall Aid climbs, Tristan Firman has been actively guiding since 2005. Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, we specialise in Southern African adventure experiences from Rock Climbing and hiking Table Mountain to extended Drakensberg Treks and most everything in between. Registered, Certified guides ensure that you get to experience some of the breathtaking scenery that has South Africa voted as "The most beautiful country in the world", from some truly unique vantage points.

From beginner to experienced, if you are looking for adventure away from the mainstream, you have come to the right place.


Certified and Registered
Suitable for all skill levels
  • We specialise in tailor-making adventures to your skill level - EVEN if you have never climbed or hiked before
Equipment Provided
  • If you are travelling light, we have all gear/equipment you may need
Single or Combined Adventures
  • Time for more than one activity - combine them. Sleep in caves and climb rock, paddle a river
Wide Range of Areas
  • Table Mountain, Lions Head, Cedarberg, Namibia, Drakensberg and Eastern Cape
Easy Payment
  • No hidden costs and easy payment methods via PayPal