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Hiking and Climbing Instruction

W hether you wish to pursue a carreer in the outdoors or want to have comprehensive and targeted instruction for your recreational rock climbing and hiking, we have the offering. Essentially catagorised into Walking & Climbing syllabi, the instruction is modular and designed to stack/compliment the previous module toward the end goal of an all-encompassing mountaineering skill-set. If pursued to it's entirety the learner will combine both catagories' syllabi to achieve a Mountaineering Award. For personal skills use (recreation) no assessment is enforced.
All of our courses are designed to be recognised as prior learning (rpl) within the scheme as well as other schemes.
Walking (hiking) Module-Structure (introduction, uncertified)
  • Hiking Skills
  • Snow skills
  • Ice Skills
Walking (hiking) Module-Structure
  • Walking Group Leader
  • Mountain Leader
Rock Climbing Module-Structure (introduction, uncertified)
  • Intro to Rock
  • Abseiling Skills
  • Ice Skills
Rock Climbing Module-Structure
  • Wall Climbing Supervisor
  • Abseil Supervisor
  • Single-Pitch Supervisor
  • Multi-Pitch Supervisor
Mountaineering Leader / Instructor
Drawing the two catagories together at this point gives the candidate the technical climbing/rope skills as well as the technical walking skills (such as poor weather navigation and altitude-related considerations) to operate knowledgably in a technically demanding mountanous environment. 
Minimum entry requirements for assessment:
  • Mountain Leader
  • Multi Pitch Leader
it is possible for a strong candidate to direct-entry into the MPL and ML courses and combine those assessments in their Mountaineering Leader / Instructor assessment. This is unusual, and we do recommend following the module-protocol to some degree to familiarise oneself with the system and expectations.

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