Assisted Breaking
  • UIAA & CE certified
  • 146g
  • 8.9mm-11mm rope diameter
  • 86mm x 54mm x 36mm
Solid craftmanship Meticulously constructed from high grade Stainless Steel and no plastic whatsoever, The LifeGuard is robust and hardy - and feels securely sturdy in your hand

Assisted Braking

Lighter. Smaller. More affordable. After dominating the market for 25 years, Petzl’s assisted-braking GriGri finally has a true rival. Lifeguard stands apart with one truly unique feature: it’s used exactly like a tube style/ATC belay device—there isn’t a new hand position to learn, no unusual technique to familiarize yourself with, and most importantly, no safety system that must be overridden to quickly feed out slack. If you can use an ATC, you already know how to use the Lifeguard.
- as reviewed by mojagear

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