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Human Hero's

There is an almost ubiquitous air of steely coolness coupled with a weird mix of awe and envy when you think about a pilot. Dressed in full air force flight suit...

08-11-2017 Hits:561 Articles

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Optimistic Bias

  An account of the first hammerless ascent of the Wall of Silence (21, A4) In an article profiling Mt Hunter, in Alaska, Scott Backes starts off by proclaiming that "Hunter is...

30-04-2017 Hits:342 Articles

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The Devil Works You Hada

“Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health...

30-04-2017 Hits:337 Thoughts From The Stance

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The Numbers Game

Lies, damn lies and statistics "Alpinism was exceptional and sacred because it was closed to the masses. And now it finds itself in the same historical situation, as love. When love...

30-04-2017 Hits:312 Thoughts From The Stance

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A Convenient Fiction

This (writing quarterly opinion-pieces) certainly is more difficult than I thought. It is a few days until the submission deadline and I have nothing of interest to use as content...

30-04-2017 Hits:330 Thoughts From The Stance

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A Long Line to Infamy

The sensation of flight: It's an odd feeling, made all the more so by virtue of the fact that I'm not falling but rather am flying, in a very controlled...

30-04-2017 Hits:498 Articles

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It's Just Not Cricket

Cricket, really? I used to play tennis! Monty Python Before I found climbing, I embraced the well trodden path that is establishment education: as little classroom time as possible countered by...

30-04-2017 Hits:283 Thoughts From The Stance

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No Fly Zone

I grabbed the ear of rock with a firm half-open left, tweaked the fingers to apply a type of crowbar pressure-test to the hold – a subconscious skill honed over...

30-04-2017 Hits:437 Articles

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Take (there)

"There was me and my Monkey. And with his dungarees and rollerblades smoking filter tips; Reclining in the passenger seat of my super-charged jet black Chevrolet; He had the soft-top...

28-02-2016 Hits:332 Thoughts From The Stance

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  Years ago, some days before Lisa landed in a broken heap on my sleeping bag at the base of a wall deep in the Hex River valley after multiple cliff-strikes...

30-05-2015 Hits:335 Articles

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    "London. Birthplace of the waterproof teabag and the clockwork steam iron, and home, in a red pillarbox cunningly disguised as a red pillarbox, of Dangermouse – Distinguished Order of Incredible...

30-04-2012 Hits:311 Articles

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Spring Cleaning

  The Arab Spring kicked off in Tunisia in December ’11. Flying in to Geneve we were re-routed as landing in Cairo was a definite no-go, flying back…who knew. As I left...

30-03-2010 Hits:328 Articles

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The Right to Risk

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are for"  - William Shedd I've kept the quote a little shorter, and a little lyrics and no obscure...

30-11-2009 Hits:319 Thoughts From The Stance

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Intemperate Hedonism

Light fast and solo in the Natal Drakensberg "Play for more than you can afford to lose, and you will learn the game." - W. Churchill In order to be comfortable with the...

30-08-2008 Hits:297 Articles

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Weighting the Dice

A t a crag recently I was part of a somewhat impromptu rhetoric on the bolting abilities of some new router who, it was felt, had placed a bolt or two...

30-06-2007 Hits:337 Thoughts From The Stance

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Favors of Chance

To the mountaineer, there are certain unmistakable sounds that are instant pulse-accelerators, and large pieces of terra firma falling from above is high up there on the list.   The human spirit...

30-10-2005 Hits:302 Articles

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Crimean Safari

  My travels started with me attending a U.I.A.A youth meet, held in the Ukraine rock Mecca of Crimea – a peninsular on the Southern tip of the Ukraine. With massive...

30-06-2002 Hits:318 Articles

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