Guided Hike - India Venster Private Hike


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Probably the most requested hike up Table Mountain. We specialise in private hikes (just you/your party) to maximise your enjoyment and success - enjoy your pace and your comfort level without others.

  • Grade: B (Scramble)
  • Duration: 3-4 hours

The trail takes a nearly straight line between lower and upper cable cars on Table Mountain, weaving through the rock-bands, only shying from the direct line 150m from the summit where the sheer cliffs force the trail to traverse to the West (above Camps Bay) before double-backing up to the summit.

Not your average hike! The hike is a varied offering of steep, even scrambling sections as well as some winding almost flat sections. India Venster starts up the North Face of Table Mountain and weaves through the rock-bands to a point 100m directly below the Upper Cable Station. At this point, the path darts around onto the West face and traverses the length of Fountain Ledge overlooking Camps bay and from there joins the final section of Platteklip Gorge up the last section to the summit.

We have daily hikes leaving shortly after sunrise to avoid the sun-baked slopes which catch the sun an hour or two after sunrise due to their Northern aspect - by this time we aim to be deep in the gully and still in shadow. If the cable car is running, we take the 5min ride down, however, it is important to be prepared to walk back down in the even that the car is closed due to strong winds.


  • Return Cable Car ticket
  • Dedicated guide to you/your group


  • Transport (chat with us on your needs)
  • Food and Drink

What to bring:

  • Comfortable gym wear and hiking/running shoes
  • A fleece/pullover
  • A water bottle and some energy snacks, sunscreen sun hat
Number of People