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Learn to fly a paraglider on your own and earn your paragliding license

To fly a paraglider is easy, if you have good instruction. Paragliding is a fun and beautiful sport that can be done all over the world. Some humans dream of flying, some fly, it is easier to fly than you might think.

Sky Safari Adventures in association with Vertigo Adventures offer a paragliding course in the general Cape Town region. Over the training days you will learn everything you need to know to fly a paraglider safely on your own while earning a paragliding license on completion of the course. 

The course runs over 7 to 12 flyable days in the general Cape Town area. You will start off with a 2-day introduction to paragliding course where you will learn about the equipment used for paragliding. In the first ground training lesson you will learn how to kite the paraglider on flat ground and how to control the paraglider above your head while walking around, this will prepare you for your first take off.

Throughout the course you will be doing 35 flights of which up to 5 might be on a tandem with your instructor. All solo flight instruction is done using 2-way radio instruction with your instructor on the mountain or hill while you are flying. Theory is a big part of paragliding, and you will also be attending a 4-hour theory class which will prepare you for the theory exam. In the theory class you will learn about Weather, Principles of flight and Aerodynamics, Air law, Safety and much more. Sky Safari paragliding school’s Chief Flight Instructor, who is an ex-schoolteacher, will make sure you can not only fly a paraglider safely but also understand the theory needed to fly safely.

Sites we might fly at during the course: Langebaan, Hermanus, Sir Lowries pass, Du Toits Kloof, Betty’s bay, Porterville, Piketberg, Pikenierskloof pass and Franschoek.

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